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For more than 18 years, we have been creating the highest level of e-commerce. trading solutions for business.

Back in 2013 we created OXID eShop , recognized as one of the TOP3 e-shops. trading platforms in Germany. in 2014 The NFQ team developed ONGR , a front-end platform for high-volume websites. The platform is currently included in the official documentation of the leading NoSQL database Elasticsearch. 

Today, we apply our experience to help businesses move into the era of omnichannel commerce using BI (business intelligence), data science , predictive analytics, and integrated commerce and resource management systems. in 2018 we introduced STOVENDO , a platform for managing physical and electronic commerce.

Today's consumer needs 

Today's consumers expect seamless functionality across all sales channels, from brick-and-mortar stores to apps on smart devices. Therefore, in order to achieve ambitious business goals, it is important to ensure that all sales channels and their related management systems can integrate and work together. This requires an omnichannel commerce solution.

  • 85% of retailers worldwide say omnichannel is their priority (PwC, 2017)
  • Buyers who use more than one channel spend on average 93% more than those who buy only in an e-store and even 208% more. more than those who shop only in a physical store (Deloitte, 2013)
  • Multi-channel marketing strategies help achieve up to 23 times higher customer satisfaction (Medallia, 2017)
  • Shoppers who use more than one channel shop 23% more often than those who use only one channel (Medallia, 2017)

Are you ready for a trading revolution?

Today's trends show no signs of abating – Gen Z buyers living in a digital world expect continuity of the user experience across all sales channels and effective communication. It is predicted that in the future, the expectations of buyers will even more force merchants not only to implement multi-channel trading models, but also to take care of their flawless implementation.

As the retail industry changes, our technology solutions will help your business stay ahead.


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