NFQ is Expanding into Poland

The joint Lithuanian and German digital innovation company NFQ Technologies, which currently has offices in Lithuania, Germany, Vietnam, and Singapore, starting this July will found a new company in Poland and plans to open a new office in Kraków.


Audrys Kažukauskas: Fast delivery of high quality software

Frequent delivery of quality software is crucial in building consumer facing products, such as HomeToGo, which heavily depend on a fast A/B testing cycle to measure customer response and make data-informed product decisions. In this article, I share a few key techniques and tips, which help to ship new features and code changes into production multiple times a day while still ensuring a high quality level.


NFQ – the partner of the Lithuanian Business Forum 2021

This year we’re partners of the Lithuanian Business Forum 2021. That’s the biggest online business conference in Lithuania, gathering over 7,000 entrepreneurs, economists, and business and management consultants. 150+ presentations and discussions await participants over 3 days. Don’t miss the opportunity to obtain insights from members of our team:


NFQ have become an official partner of Spryker Commerce OS

It's official: we, NFQ, have become an official partner of Spryker Commerce OS. Spryker is built to handle large and extra-large-scale e-commerce projects.


NFQ become an official certified partner to AWS

We are so proud to announce that NFQ is now an official certified partner to cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services.