NFQ Academy

Interested in programming and want to learn from professionals?

What is the NFQ Academy?

  • The NFQ Academy is a 3-month theoretical and practical knowledge accelerator that gets you off to a good career start faster. It’s a bridge between the university and the professional world.
  • Training is led by qualified lecturers – IT professionals with experience in large-scale international projects.
  • Dedicated mentors assist with projects – they’re members of the NFQ team who help participants learn faster and advance confidently in the field of programming.
  • Leading up-to-date software, specialized technologies and methodologies are used during lectures.
  • The NFQ Academy takes place every spring and fall in Kaunas and Vilnius. More than 600 participants have completed it since 2012.

Why attend the NFQ Academy?

  • To learn how MVPs are created and transformed into large-scale products, and to create MVPs yourself
  • So you can recognize and avoid common mistakes in the software development process
  • To get a good understanding of what businesses in the real world need and how to succeed in the field of programming
  • Because we invite the most motivated and successful graduates to join the NFQ team
  • Since it’s easy to combine the convenient lecture schedule with other studies
  • And hey, after all, it’s free

Who can enroll in the NFQ Academy?

  • University and college students in a programming-related field
  • Secondary school students with programming experience
  • Specialists in other areas who want to requalify as programmers
  • Anyone else with programming experience

How to join NFQ Academy?

  • Register for Autumn 2019 by filling out the form by the 9th of September.
  • Look for entry assingnment in your email by the 10th of September.
  • Do the assignment and provide your solution to us.
  • Get among the best candidates and start your journey with us from October.
  • NFQ Academy takes place in NFQ offices in Vilnius and Kaunas every Tuesday and Thursday, 5-7 PM.