We’re fortunate to live in a globalized world, where travel is accessible to almost everyone. 

For travel agents and tour operators, itinerary software has streamlined much of their work, from itinerary planning to customer relationship management.

At the forefront of change in the industry

NFQ’s team is proud to have long been at the forefront of change in the industry. We developed the flight meta-search engine swoodoo, helped travel-market leader KAYAK, built the Blinija ERP system and the first online bus ticket sales channel for Lithuania's largest passenger carrier Kautra, and continue to deliver state-of-the-art tech solutions for the global leader in holiday rentals HomeToGo.

Smarter technology brings challenges and opportunities

  • 80% of customers prefer self-service to get the information they need (Booking.com, 2018) 

  • 57% of travelers feel brands should tailor information based on their personal preferences or past behavior (Google Consumer Insights, 2017)

  • More than a third of them are happy to pay more for a personalized experience (Google Consumer Insights, 2017)

  • 45% of consumers in the UK, 27% in Germany and 44% in France are comfortable researching, booking and planning a trip to a new travel destination using a mobile device only (Google Consumer Insights, 2017)

Current trends in the travel industry pose challenges that existing businesses like tour operators and agencies have to tackle to stay in the market. The same trends create essentially unlimited opportunities for new market entrants and disruptive technologies. Companies can redefine everything about how travel is traditionally understood and leverage maturing AI and IoT technologies to explore adjacent spaces beyond their core competencies.

We have already worked with Makalius to develop a platform for budget-friendly travel packages. And among many other travel industry leaders, we’ve also created a white-label promotion solution for the largest tour operator in the Baltics, Novaturas.

If you're looking to step out of the ordinary in travel, our team would be eager to provide you with all the needed technological support.

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