Europe is seeing a record number of new businesses enter the market and growing global venture investments that are strengthening the startup ecosystem. But being a founder and delivering your solution to the market can sometimes be an overwhelming proposition. Proper guidance from people who know what it takes to scale a successful technology business might just be the tipping point in building your billion-dollar company.

Product development decisions made early on will be felt throughout your business for a long time and could determine whether you realize your full potential. An experienced technology partner will validate your business ideas, allow you to have as many product iterations as possible, and use the best tools to tailor the solution according to incoming user data. All of this contributes to a successful launch, alongside a great user experience. First adaptors will set the entire trajectory for your product. 

Delivery speed will put you in front of the competition.

What we offer:


Our engineers like to work in an environment where they can focus on high-leverage activities. Time invested in software development has to be measured against the impact the solution has on the business. That is what determines where and how engineers can best spend their time.

As a team of 600 IT professionals in 4 countries, we can offer you the speed you desire. We will get the roadmap ready within a couple of weeks and on average it takes us 3 to 5 months to launch an MVP (well, in fact we have managed to launch in less than 4 weeks). Ultimately, the product has to enable you to own your roadmap and, ideally, it will let you implement the solutions you do not care so much about easily and inexpensively, so you can focus maximally on building what you care about most.

Top competencies

With years of experience in human resources management, we can form a large engineering team in a short time and take the development pressure off you or build a solution for a specific task. Most of our developers are senior level and have launched successful businesses in the past. At NFQ, we value training, and each employee has a personalized self-development plan to acquire new competencies every year. That is valuable for any engineer who wants to perform at the highest level. When your aim is to move quickly, you want someone who knows how to get things done in the most efficient way.

Tools & infrastructure

Infrastructure makes every one of our developers more productive, enabling them to build innovations quickly and confidently. Productivity comes from understanding the infrastructure tools available from partners like AWS and which ones specifically are suited to your business and scale. Productivity means you write the code, it works, it is secure, and you are able to get it out to production and serve customers at scale with as little friction as possible. We want our developers to build what counts, the lines of code that your customers actually pay for. We buy the infrastructure and use the tools that enable us to build features that differentiate you in the eyes of your customer, something they really care about. 


Traditionally, companies hand product requirements to their outsourcing partners to implement. You could call that sharing the solution. We believe a better way to do it is to share the problems with us, identify where your product should be, or try to get to the bottom of an existing business problem. What our startups benefit from so much, more than software engineering, are the capabilities our experienced team leads offer across the value chain. The toolset and help they provide in the processes from recruiting to business development are invaluable for your further journey.

Our strengths:

Our main strengths are building highly productive technology teams and supporting startups with product development.

For those interested in scaling bigger, our team is ready to provide the right know-how and solutions. 

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