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E-commerce & Omnichannel Retail

We’ve been providing businesses like yours with state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions for more than 18 years.

Our expertise in e-commerce goes way back. In 2003, we launched OXID eShop, one of Germany’s top 3 e-commerce platforms. In 2014 we developed ONGR, a front-end platform for transactional websites with heavy traffic and large amounts of data. It’s included in the leading NoSQL database Elasticsearch.

Today, we speak omnichannel and employ multiple technologies – including BI & data sciencepredictive analytics and integrated commerce back-office systems– to deliver competitive edge. In 2018 we launched STOVENDO, a platform to manage online and offline retail.

Better satisfaction, greater retention, bigger shopping bags

Today’s ever-online consumers expect a seamless transition as they move between your app and your shops, online and physical. Your channels and their supporting resources need to be designed and orchestrated to work together to help you reach your business goals. Today just having a number of channels is not enough.

  • 85% of retailers globally say omnichannel is their top priority (PwC, 2017)

  • Omnichannel clients spend 93% more on average than direct online shoppers and a whopping 208% more compared to physical store-only shoppers (Deloitte, 2013)

  • Omnichannel strategies help achieve rates of customer satisfaction that are up to 23 times higher (Medallia, 2017)

  • Omnichannel shoppers log 23% more repeat shopping than those that use only one channel (Medallia, 2017)

Is your business ready?

This trend is here to stay as millennials gain more and more spending power. Digital natives expect consistency across platforms, with fast and efficient communication on whichever channel they choose. PwC forecasts that by 2020 demand for omnichannel customer experience will be augmented by a need for nearly perfect execution.

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