How did overcoming technical challenges help HomeToGo spread to 17 countries in just 4 years?

Can you imagine the technical challenges we come up against ensuring search performance in a system with exponentially growing flows of terabytes of data and millions of users?

For the world’s biggest vacation rental search system, we put together a team of 70 professionals, and the product they’ve developed has already managed to change the entire vacation rental search market.

Since 2013 we’ve been developing all the technologies for HomeToGo and providing data science insights for innovations. In just four years of operations, the startup has spread to 17 countries of the world and its international team has grown to more than 150 professionals. The world’s biggest vacation rental meta-search engine aggregates and enables the comparison of 15 million rental offers from more than 300 rental sites, including the major portals like, HomeAway, etc.

One of the most authoritative business news sites in the world, Forbes, included HomeToGo on its list of the top 10 fastest-growing European businesses in 2017. German startup magazine Gründerszene, meanwhile, ranked the fastest growing digital service companies by revenue in 2017-2018, and HomeToGo took first place. For a startup to achieve such rapid growth in such a short time is phenomenal.

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