The war between e-commerce and shopping centers will end in peaceful union

If you’re buying ice cream at a store and get the sense that it’s not you that’s looking at the freezer but the freezer that’s eyeing you, don’t rush to see a doctor – it’s just artificial intelligence, a toy helping retailers understand what kind of ice cream you like, and which you intended to buy but changed your mind and put it back.


Will retailers move online or not?

Some interesting developments have been taking place in retailing globally. For example, owners of Sears, the legendary US stores with over 100 years of history, have recently announced bankruptcy. Last year the largest number of stores in history closed down in the US. At the same time we can hear that the internet is the future and that the revenues of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, are increasing. 


How programmers ditched construction site practices in code writing

The past two decades in the software development industry have seen many changes. Younger colleagues hardly know that for a long time programmers worked much like construction workers, except that they did not carry bricks. 


NFQ STOVENDO startup has attracted EUR 1.5 million for an ambitious research project

The STOVENDO startup of NFQ Technologies, dedicated to the management of omnichannel retailing processes, has operated only under a year, but has already managed to attract an investment of EUR 1.5 million. The investment consists of funding for an international project won by the company and the EU funding for innovation.