Leveraging 15+ years of experience in e-commerce solutions, our answer to the retail revolution is STOVENDO

We’re helping the retail industry get through turbulence.

As a retailer, you really only have two options: to remain a passive bystander in the market until technological disruption ejects you from the industry, or to dare to deploy a new-generation trading model – along with the STOVENDO omnichannel trading process management platform. That’s proprietary technology of ours which ensures a consistent and seamless customer experience via any trading channel – online or offline.

How can we help you? 

  • Our Omnichannel conception can mitigate the turbulence you face in the retail industry; 
  • We’ll enable cross-channel journeys for your customers, with good predictive analytics; 
  • Our “hybrid” offer of R&D, real-life expertise and technology will consolidate your efforts.

More: www.stovendo.lt

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