An airport handling solution that helps schedule 100K flights a year

Our solution, Sensus Aero – an easy-to-use, modern, web-based and cloud-enabled operations management project covers the full cycle of airport handling for a flight.

It’s a single tool for planning, controlling, and monitoring all daily processes, from scheduling and resource allocation to task execution, post-operational statistics, and automated invoice issuance.

That includes: 

  • station management 
  • the Airport Operational Data Base (AODB) 
  • a resource management system (RMS) 
  • flight services 
  • GSE management 
  • quality control 
  • business intelligence to exploit big data analytics and guide long-term strategies 
  • a departure control system (DCS) 
  • fueling management 
  • financial and operations data 
  • fuel logistics 
  • a flight information display system (FIDS) 
  • a public announcement (PA) system 
  • slot coordination

The project is way bigger and more complicated than you‘d imagine. Together with our partners, we’ve built a powerful system with hundreds of integrated functionalities to schedule work for 1K employees at 15+ airports with 100K flights a year. The system is certified by SITA and supports SITA-standard airports.

Baltic Ground Services serves 2.4M+ passengers a year, also providing 250K+ tons of aviation fuel and transporting 240M+ liters of petrol and other liquid ADR for non-aviation customers.

So if you ever fly out of Vilnius with Turkish Airlines, you’ll be using the software we developed. Industry-leading airlines like  Aeroflot, Wizz Air and more use Sensus Aero for their daily and more complex operations.

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