What does it mean when a former colleague who’s gone to work in a new area chooses their former employer as IT partners? It means a lot of good. When the German EV charging station company Plugsurfing and Fortum Charge & Drive joined forces to provide services for electric vehicle drivers, in order to ensure the smooth growth of the network, Arvydas Vapsva, the Head of Engineering at Plugsurfing came to us for a technological solution. If he knew anything, after having been a part of NFQ for 9 years, he knew very well that you can calmly entrust serious tasks to our Psi team people.

For the challenge, engineers armed themselves with Kubernetes technology and the latest Symfony and PHP versions, used the AWS Cognito service, and distributed tasks using Message Bus powered by Amazon MQ.

The result? There are now over 150 000 such stations all over Europe, the latest Plugsurfing app and RFID charging key facilitates accessible information and quick payment solutions for its over 87 000 users (Data: June, 2020).

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