Most employees would turn down a pay raise with one condition

Research shows that an employee quitting costs a company 33 percent of the person’s annual salary. In the technology sector, losing an employee is rather more expensive than elsewhere, and staff turnover in the field is particularly high – according to the results of the Baltic Salary Survey, it’s 17.2 percent. The size of that indicator is influenced not just by market trends, but also by the behavior of companies themselves, says Monika Vasiliauskaitė, the head of HR at the technology company NFQ.


We Can Code: the best time to start a career in IT is now

This weekend in Kaunas the We Can Code seminar session and programming workshops promoting an ethical and inclusive corporate culture in high-tech companies were held. For the fifth time, NFQ and KAYAK professionals from leading digital technology companies in Lithuania have shared inspirational success stories with readers of


From the first line of code to a paid job in just 5 months

Coding is the discipline open for creative and courageous people. Ieva – the law graduate, has switched her career in under half a year and has shared her experience with the most significant news portal in Lithuania. “7 out of 19 developers in my team have graduated anything but IT. Psychology, music, architecture or economics. That didn’t prevent them from becoming senior software engineers. Every one of us is free choosing our track wherever we want”,- Ieva debunked the popular myth about software development business.


NFQ Technologies expands with the opening of a new office in Šiauliai

The technology company NFQ Technologies is shifting into a higher gear as it expands in Šiauliai and opens a new office in the city. It plans within the next two years to enlarge its team there to 40 people. The company hopes to attract experienced developers, software architects, project managers, data scientists and software automation engineers who want to work in the Šiauliai area.


NFQ Technologies is set for growth in all three Lithuanian campuses

Having moved its office to a new location in Vilnius, NFQ Technologies plans further growing available workspace by 20% by the end of the year. Office space will increase in all three campuses in Kaunas, Vilnius and Šiauliai. NFQ Technologies expects to grow by 50 professionals throughout 2019. The company will expand its technology stack by concentrating and increasing resources in dedicated specialist teams of Mobile technologies, Java, Python developers.