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NFQ brings one of Western Europe’s biggest IT players – valantic – to Lithuania

International digital innovation company NFQ Technologies has signed an out-of-the-ordinary contract: it will start a new company in Lithuania with its partner, the high-end Western European technology company valantic. The plan is for valantic LT, within four years, to hire up to 200 IT professionals for the purpose of creating solutions for world-famous brands. 

Together with valantic, NFQ will establish a technology and innovation competence center in Lithuania. The valantic group chose NFQ as a technology partner for its vast experience in scaling companies globally, building highly performing technological teams, distinguished by its strong inner culture, and for its ongoing successful work for several years now on projects of valantic – mainly technology projects developed on the Spryker Commerce OS platform. Spryker is an e-commerce system platform of choice for large and very large e-commerce marketplaces. 

valantic is one of the fastest-growing digital solutions, consulting, and software companies in Western Europe. Its team of more than 2000 specialized IT consultants and software engineers helps customers meaningfully implement and operate intelligent digital technologies.

Among valantic’s clients are more than 500 blue chip customers, including 28 of 40 companies listed in Germany’s DAX (stock index) as well as large Swiss and Austrian companies, and many prominent medium-sized companies such as Thyssenkrupp, Siemens, AOK, Coop, Telefonica. valantic will close 2021 with an annual turnover of more than 250 mln. EUR.

Expansion to Lithuania was dictated by valantic’s prior success of working in partnership with NFQ on joint projects and NFQ’s 20 years of experience working with successful e-commerce businesses and building strong inner culture for talents to grow.

“In working together on very large and complex projects, we’ve been able to draw on 20 years of experience and know-how. We’ve learned how to build high-performing international teams of the highest caliber for our clients`s success and to work on large-scale, complex technology projects and high-traffic systems. valantic's software and digital solutions help its clients to gain a strategic advantage over competitors. Together with valantic, we will continue to address the core challenges of digitalization with a unique, flexible organizational structure and inner culture that lets us achieve the highest level of technology service delivery,” says Paulius Insoda, CEO of NFQ.

valantic LT will put together a strong team of IT professionals in Lithuania to work with valantic’s clients, offering fascinating projects and growth opportunities that are rarely seen on the Lithuanian IT market. 

“The future employees of valantic LT will have the remarkable chance to form the core of a new IT organization in Lithuania and take on serious technological challenges, working with major e-commerce clients of global renown and importance. We’ve started gathering talented people who are interested in growing and outgrowing themselves, in seeing, participating in, learning from, and developing complex international projects from the ground up. In creating technology solutions used by millions or tens of millions of users, everyone who joins this challenge will have a real opportunity to climb a few steps up their career ladder and do so faster than they could under normal conditions on the Lithuanian IT market,” Paulius Insoda notes. 

valantic currently has offices at 24 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and another 8-12 locations internationally. 

„A company like valantic entering Lithuania is truly a joyous occasion. The company is a strong GBS and IT player, which will help Lithuania strengthen its position as an IT cluster of Northern Europe. Additionally, I am sure that qualified and ambitious Lithuanian IT specialists will help valantic reach its business goals,” – congratulates Elijus Čivilis, General Manager of Invest Lithuania.

The NFQ group, for its part, now employs more than 800 professionals around the world, including 400 in Lithuania. Their work is behind the success of hundreds of technology companies’ processes, digital business models, MVPs and IPOs. Some of NFQ’s most prominent partners are KAYAK, HomeToGo, Alaiko, Sensus Aero, home24, PlugSurfing, Weezy, Smarketer, HansNatur, VillagePod, Zivver, Lithuania Post, Kautra, Rebike and Šiaulių Bankas.