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The war between e-commerce and shopping centers will end in peaceful union

If you’re buying ice cream at a store and get the sense that it’s not you that’s looking at the freezer but the freezer that’s eyeing you, don’t rush to see a doctor – it’s just artificial intelligence, a toy helping retailers understand what kind of ice cream you like, and which you intended to buy but changed your mind and put it back.

Aiming to use more effective marketing methods and sell more, retailers are investing in technologies that let them get to know the consumer better. That’s why smart freezers are taking hold in stores, along with shelves that scan your actions, smart mirrors in fitting rooms, and a host of other tricks that in times past were only fantasy.

The full article on this topic by Monika Baltrušaitytė is available here: https://www.valstybe.eu/straipsnis/el-prekybos-ir-prekybos-centru-kara-uzbaigs-taiki-sajunga