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Digitalization of retail: the traditional stores are not enough

Switching to digital technology is often a very complicated process, which requires substantial business transformation. The whole process of meeting the clients' needs may be different. To understand the reasons why one or another decision was made, businesses need to learn to collect and analyze vast amounts of data efficiently, not just to follow the bottom line at the balance sheet. Quite often, the task is further complicated by using, number of different systems, processes and standards which are difficult to combine.  According to Jurgis Gylys – Head of Business digitalization at NFQ Technologies, drafting of digitalization strategy is something, to begin with. Only exactly knowing the results to achieve one can be sure the resources are allocated efficiently; the right targets and the implementation schedule are set. The specialist consultants can make this process much more efficient. Based on local and international experience, they can help to pick the 'low hanging apples' and avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming delays.

The full interview with Mr. J. Gylys (in Lithuanian) can be found at “Verslo zinios” business daily  online portal:  https://www.vz.lt/prekyba/2019/04/04/skaitmeninimo-issukis-prekyboje-tradiciniu-parduotuviu-nebeuztenka#ixzz5xzjqizP2